Is your homes current paint scheme simply bringing you down? Are you leaning towards a look that favors refreshing & calm or gravitating towards a paint color that is more luxurious & rich? Perhaps an informative color consultation will direct you towards the right path! Both color & light are essential elements related to interior design. Color and light greatly impact the way a room makes us feel, how we manage to conduct ourselves & influence the overall design of an interior space. Picking the perfect color can be tricky & become frustrating and overwhelming. By opting for an informative color consultation an interior decorator will gladly assist, in helping you select a correct color palette that is paramount for the design of your home!


“Home is not just a place to sleep, home is where we house our souls.”

Alexandra Stoddard


Color consultations in Edmonton for interior design and interior decorating services

Your eager to update & craving a certain look, something that feels fresh, current & unique. Your committed to make a change & regardless of the choice, you know any difference in color, will be an astounding improvement. You want to decide quickly get this project on the go & finally cross this task, swiftly off your list. Whether you request a color consultation from an interior decorator or attempt at selecting a hue solely by yourself, incorporating a new paint color is one of the best ways to effectively transform a space. Imagine your home lacking of any color, it would be monotonous, flat & dreadfully dull. Consider a color consultation as an informative way, to help direct yourself towards a smart color choice.

Be a Smokey Taupe or Stratford Blue, the colors you choose to interior decorate with suggestively direct the overall mood & ambient feel for your home. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about color, it’s a component of our life that affects us every day. The climate, your age, gender & ethnicity all play a role in our responses to color. Color reflects an individual’s personality, can encompass a distinct feeling or mood & also set a standard of elegant design style. You may desire a home filled with relaxation & warmth, casting layer upon layer of luxury & ease. Perhaps you prefer something more lighthearted & fresh, inspired by nature, restful & calm.


“I wonder if any element of interior design is more personal than color? Nothing can more quickly reveal aspect of personality and character, than the choice – or absence – of color.”

Van Day Truex


An informative color consultation will direct you to interior decorate your home with the correct colors.Not all colors however promote a positive vibe. Some have been branded to do just the reverse. Certain color schemes, their tints & shades, have been known to repeatedly toy with our emotions. Some colors expose temperaments of agitation & unease, while others may tempt your appetite, luring you to feast. One color may appear to elevate a rooms warmth, while a slight tint of another can broadcast a brisk chill.

With a colossal of colors & countless variables to consider, anticipation of the unknown can raise confusion & doubt. Your original idea of a rapid & swift makeover has left you feeling regretful, confused & drained. Don’t let your uncertainty conquer your motivation. Selecting the perfect palette takes a little bit of skill.  What you want to ensure when deciding on decorative colors, is to compose & blend your choices into agreeable combinations. Try to balance a palette that appeals to your taste & still coincides with the style of your home. If your still feel intimidated, reluctant & scared, a professional color consultation is just a phone call away.

  • Colors act in three basic ways: active, passive or neutral
  • Variables such as the amount of light & contrasting colors, will significantly affect the portrayal of a color



As an interior designer its important to ask a lot of questions & a color consultation is just that.If your knowledgeable about what your desire from a space, it will positively affect the interior design. Ask yourself these questions before you pick up a paint brush. You’ll find yourself more likely to be pleased with the color, encouraging that inner Interior Decorator to venture out more often.


Interior decorating a bathroom by selecting a color through interior design elements.


  • How do I want the space to look & feel?
  • Can I accomplish this atmosphere from paint alone?
  • Is there enough light & contrast to support this color choice?
  • How does this color appear at different stages of the day? Night vs Day
  • Will this color choice coincide with my current home furnishings & finishes?
  • Is this color pallet harmonious with the rest of my home?

Try to limit the number of colors in a room to under four. Anything above that starts to make a room appear disorderly, especially if your going for a rested and relaxed feel. Dark colors are mature, sophisticated, & warm; they give larger rooms a more formal, rich, & intimate appearance. Light colors are spacious, carefree, & calm, making rooms seem expansive, cheerful, & bright.

Listed below are some general observations on the psychology of various colors. Take into account if repainting a space, how they may influence & affect the interior design but also ambiance of your home.






“Beige is atmosphere. It’s bisque, it’s ivory, it’s cream, it’s stone, it’s toast, it’s cappuccino. It’s, well, it’s magic.”

Albert Hadley


Interior decorating & interior designing your home with neutral tones and shades.Neutrals: Black, Gray, White, & Brown

  • The fundamental & essential colors of every Interior Designer & Interior Decorator
  • Neutral color schemes are enormously versatile & incredibly flexible
  • Most colors are easily integrated with neutrals & can readily adapt with various tints, tones, & shades
  • Black is best used in small doses, such as an accent.
  • Color experts say you need some black in every room, it helps to curb your eye







Interior decorating and painting with the color yellow , a bright and cheery choice. Yellow

  • portrays & resembles the sun
  • conveys cheerfulness & delight
  • uplifts, rejuvenates, & energizes
  • is an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms, & bathrooms
  • in small spaces yellow can feel expansive and welcoming
  • not a good choice for main color schemes
  • known to causes anger & frustration
  • people are more likely to lose their temper in a yellow interior
  • babies cry more in yellow rooms as opposed to any other color



A color consultation can explain the variances of colors involved in interior design.Orange

  • orange & yellow hues raise the perceived temperature of a room
  • because of its warming effect orange is a great color for north facing rooms
  • inspires activity, enthusiasm, & excitement
  • good color for workout rooms
  • orange & red tones encourage movement
  • not suggested for bedrooms due to its energetic qualities






The color red, how this color affects interior decorating and interior designRed

  • increases a rooms energy level
  • considered too stimulating for a bedroom especially a child’s room
  • known to raise blood pressure
  • speeds respiration & heart rate
  • can make people irritable, argumentative, & aggressive
  • a good choice for a dining rooms
  • inspires interaction & conversation
  • stimulates appetites
  • best used as an accent color




In a color consultation blue is revealed to have a calming and soothing affect regarding the interior decoration of your home. Blue

  • slows respiration & heart rate
  • known to bring down blood pressure
  • considered soothing, calm, & serene
  • recommended for bedrooms & bathrooms
  • warmer bright blues inspire relaxation
  • lighter tinted hues can come across icy & cold, particularly in rooms receiving little natural light
  • soft blues are good colors for principal areas such as family or living rooms
  • dark blue shades can evoke feelings of gloominess, not a beneficial bedroom color
  • Navy blue is not suggested in living or dining rooms as it deters conversation & communication




The color green is an interior designers favorite color due to its suitability to interior decorate various rooms. Green

  • the most restful color for the eye
  • has a calming effect when used as a main color for decorating
  • suited for almost any room in the house
  • one of the top colors to be surrounded by for lengthy periods of time
  • a soft tinted green can have a pleasant cooling effect, therefore is great for kitchens
  • wonderful in a family room, living area, or home office
  • productivity & concentration booster
  • encourages one to unwind, relax, & relieve stress
  • warm tones in green promote calmness & friendship
  • great choice for the bedroom as green is believed to assist with fertility




Various shades of the color purple and the influence the have on interior decorating your home.Purple

  • similar to blue, lavender & lilac hues bring calm & restful qualities
  • frost and cold tones that appear in blues are not apparent in lighter purple hues, such as lilac & lavender
  • darkest values such as eggplant, is seen as rich, dramatic, & sophisticated
  • associated with luxury and creativity
  • when used as an accent color it gives depth


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